We need to provide resources to our students and staff so that our district provides quality education to all students

Our district is in financial crisis for many reasons, such as budget cuts from the state for the last decade, a sharp increase in the cost of living that is causing us to loose staff in record numbers, while we actually need to add staff to deal with the education loss and emotional toll brought on by the pandemic, and overcrowded facilities that are a result of the rapidly growing population of our area .

We have access to millions in both ESSER funds from the pandemic relief package and also promised millions from the Hospital Endowment funds. Currently our leadership is not working hard enough if at all to get access to the available funding that could provide all the resources our schools so desperately needs.

The failed leadership at the top of NHCS

Our staff morale has hit rock bottom as a result of the ineffective leadership coming from the top of our district. This is another reason so many good employees, at all levels, are leaving our district in unprecedented numbers. Our students education is also suffering due to the bad decisions about how to support them in and out of the classroom as we try to recover from the learning and social skills loss brought on by the pandemic.

The increasing racial and economic segregation which is preventing equitable education opportunities for too many students.

We need to develop and implement effective method to solve this ongoing problem across our district. The methodology is out there but it will be up to our leadership, including the school board, to research and implement the type of solutions that will reverse this ongoing trend.

Provide quality education based on professional knowledge, now and into the future, for all students.

We as a school board need to commit to providing the best quality education to the students of NHCS and not let the current political or "cultural" wars taking place across the country negatively affect that main goal.

Fight to protect and support the many students who have been victims of sexual abuse and racial discrimination at the hands of NHCS staff

When these horrors began to be properly addressed by the legal system in 2018, the other school board members did not want to even acknowledge what had actually occurred. It is our responsibility to support the victims and hold those responsible accountable. I have done so since the start of my first term and I will continue to do so since the safety and rights of our students should always come first.